Conveyor Grate Solid Fuel Combustion System, one of the productions of vST Group Energy, is a carrier (conveyor) type grid system surrounded by water pipes and mounted under the main combustion chamber. The carrier grid (conveyor) is made of a special alloy material resistant to sufficient heat.


Chain links; It is designed to form thin air outlets between them, which can provide combustion on the entire surface. Combustion capacity can be kept at the desired level by giving the required amount of combustion air to the grill from below through numerous air ducts and adjustment flaps.

Working principle

The coal starts to burn at the inlet of the boiler just after it begins to be laid on the rotating grill. It continues homogeneously until the end of the grill. Via the speed adjuster; The rotation speed of the grill can be adjusted according to the combustion efficiency of the coal loaded on the grill. Solid fuel; Just after it starts to be laid on the conveyor grate, radiation in the boiler is exposed to heat and releases the gases inside, and in the system, the gases begin to burn at the entrance of the boiler. Since the combustion is completely finished, the remaining amount of slag is very small, which is poured into the slag trough and taken out.


With the electronic PLC system in the rotary grill, the grill automatically reaches the required values of coal feeding speed and combustion, even if the steam pressure drops. Thus, when the critical pressure is reached with the applied programming, the system is taken to idle without stopping completely. This minimizes energy loss. Combustion air and secondary air are supplied from both sides of the grate with PLC control, thus cooling the grate and ensuring that the combustion takes place on the entire grate surface. Unburned coals poured under the grate accumulate in the chamber located in the front of the grate thanks to the special design of the grate, and the coal, which is automatically taken into the charcoal pool, is sent back to the grate to be burned. All processes from loading the coal to the bunkers, burning and discharging the slag are carried out fully automatically with the PLC automation system. In this way, both a highly efficient combustion and a very low emission value are provided.

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