-Pre-hearths, generally, use of flame-smoke tube boilers together with solid fuel systems It is produced for.

-The most practical method for converting liquid and gas fueled boilers to solid fuel systems.

-The efficiency of solid fuel fire tube boilers is low. However, together with they can reach high yields.

-Efficiency is high since heat conduction is transmitted by radiation.

-It is produced as fully water piped or semi-water piped. According to the design combustion system variable.

-Water volumes are low. They put the system they are connected to the regime quickly.

- Production according to 97/23/PED Pressure Vessels Directive, using EN standards, is done.

ST Grup Enerji Ön Ocaklı Buhar Kazanları
ST Grup Enerji Ön Ocaklı Buhar Kazanları

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