Steam boilers fire with liquid or gaseous fuel. In addition to the cylindrical design, it has flame-smoke tubes and 3 passages.


The capacity of steam boilers can reach from 400 kilograms to 16 tons per hour.


Steam boilers are manufactured to withstand 15 bar pressure and 400 square meters of surface heat treatment.


Our steam boilers manufactured by ST Grup Energy are subject to TS 377 EN 12953 TRD design standards and their materials are prepared according to TS EN 10028, TS EN 10216 and TS EN 10217 material standards.''CE'' certificate 97/23 in B+F module Available with code /PED.

Other informations

Boilers respond quickly to instant steam demands thanks to their large volumes. Low flue gas temperature and high steam efficiency are achieved thanks to flame-smoke tubes and 3 passes.

Buhar Kazanı
Buhar Kazanı

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What is a Steam Boiler? History and Types

A steam boiler is a device used to produce steam by heating water. These devices are widely used in power generation, industry, heating systems and many other industrial applications.

  • Subject Description: Steam boilers are devices that create steam by heating water or another liquid. Steam boilers are widely used in energy production and industry. This article will consider the different types and safety of steam boilers.
  • Purpose: The purpose of this article is to provide readers with basic information about the types of steam boilers and their safety. This article will be especially useful for students, engineers and industrial workers who want to learn about steam boilers.

    Steam Boiler History

  • The First Steam Boiler: The steam boiler was invented in the 17th century by English inventor Thomas Savery. This boiler used the pressure of the steam created by heating the water, pumping the water to a high point, allowing the water to be carried up. This boiler was used for water extraction in mines.
  • Industrial Revolution and Steam Boilers: With the industrial revolution, steam boilers had an important place in energy production and industry. During the industrial revolution, it was used for steam boilers, weaving mills, rail transport, ships, and many other industrial applications.
  • Developed Steam Boiler Types: Steam boilers were developed over time and different types emerged. These types include fire tube steam boiler, water tube steam boiler, pressure steam boiler and hot oil steam boiler. These different types are designed for use in different industries.

Working Principle of Steam Boiler

  • Water Heating Process The main function of steam boilers is to heat the water and use the steam formed. The water is heated with the help of heating elements inside the boiler. During the heating process, the temperature of the water rises and the vapor pressure required for the formation of steam also increases.
  • Steam Generation Steam pressure is required to evaporate water. The heated water evaporates under pressure to form steam. The resulting steam is carried out by the pipes or channels inside the boiler and transmitted to the user for use.
  • Use of Steam The resulting steam can be used in different areas of the industry. For example, it can be used for power generation, electricity can be produced with steam turbines. In industry, steam is used through steam boilers and steam generators. It can also be used for steam boilers, heating systems.
  • For more detailed information, you can read our article named steam boiler working principle.

    Steam Boiler Types

  • Fire Tube Steam Boiler: Fire tube steam boilers are pipes that are heated by circulating water in the pipe. These boilers are generally used in small scale industries and produce low pressure steam.
  • Water Tube Steam Boiler: Water tube steam boilers are boilers that work by heating water in pipes. These boilers are used in larger scale industries than fire tube boilers and produce high pressure steam.
  • Pressure Steam Boiler: Pressure steam boilers are designed to produce high pressure steam. The feature of these boilers is that they use a special pressure adjustment button to keep the steam pressure inside the boiler high. These boilers are used in power generation and large-scale industries.
  • Hot Oil Steam Boiler: Hot oil steam boilers operate at high temperatures and are especially used in the chemical industry. The main function of these boilers is to heat the hot oil. The heated hot oil passes through the pipes inside the steam boiler and creates steam.

Steam Boiler Safety

  • Boiler Explosion Risk: The use of steam boilers can be risky due to high pressures and temperatures. Boiler explosion can cause serious injury or death. Therefore, the safety of steam boilers is very important.
  • Boiler Control Systems: The safety of steam boilers can be ensured by special boiler control systems. These systems constantly monitor the temperature, pressure and other parameters of the boiler and give an alarm in case of any danger. In addition, these systems can provide automatic shutdown of the boiler.
  • Maintenance and Repair: It is important to carry out regular maintenance and repair operations for the safety of steam boilers. These operations include controlling the temperature, pressure and other parameters of the boiler. It is also necessary to clean the pipes and other components inside the boiler.

Steam Boiler Prices

Steam boiler prices can vary depending on many factors. Factors such as the size of the boiler, its capacity, material of manufacture, efficiency level and intended use are the main factors affecting the price. In addition, other factors such as manufacturer, distributor, shipping and installation costs can also affect prices.

Industrial-sized large steam boilers can usually cost between 50,000 TL and 500,000 TL. This price range may vary depending on the size of the boiler, its capacity and the material of manufacture. Smaller scale boilers may have lower prices, such as those used in homes and small businesses.

Steam boilers can provide cost savings due to their high efficiency level and energy saving features. In addition, they are long-lasting and with regular maintenance can operate for many years without any problems. That’s why it’s important to do a good research before buying a steam boiler and choose one that offers the best price and features.


Steam boilers have an important place in industry and energy production. Different types of these boilers are designed for use in different industries. However, the safety of steam boilers is very important and must be ensured by special control systems. Steam boiler prices may vary depending on many factors. Therefore, it is important to choose a boiler with the right price range, having a good understanding of the characteristics of the boiler and your requirements.